[Tuglist] Regarding figures and text in the same page.

S. venkataraman tuglist@tug.org.in
Tue, 30 Apr 2002 14:38:30 +0530

>I have two figures, Ist nearly takes size of page and 2nd
>about 75% of page in size. In addition I like to write about
>two lines of text. What I am geting 3 page output. Ist page
>text, other two pages contain figures, irrespective of
>position of text.

>Is it possible to have text on the page containg 2nd figures
>as it has sufficient space for that.

>H. S. Rai
Here is what I use to put figures wherever I want.  The command has 2
The first argument is the figure caption. If you don't enter the figure
caption, it inserts
the line`Insert figure here'.
\newcommand{\myfigure}[2][Insert figure here.]{
{\bfseries\small \figurename~\thefigure :~ #1}\end{center}}

Here  are examples of the usage.
\myfigure[The graph of the inequality $x_{1}+3x_{2}\geq 15$]{%
\input fig1.tex\label{fig1}}
\myfigure[Plotting the  graph of the inequality $x_{1}+3x_{2}\geq 15$]{%
I guess you can modify it to your needs.