[Tuglist] help

Asokan K tuglist@tug.org.in
13 Apr 2002 11:33:37 -0000

On Sun, 07 Apr 2002 Radhakrishnan CV wrote :
>On 7 Apr 2002 at 06:07, Asokan  K wrote:
>    I have a problem using pdfslide. I compiled the
sample file
>    provided with TexLive CD, everything is OK, except
the math fonts
>    which are not created properly.

>It is because you dont have lucidabright fonts, please
comment out
>the `\usepackage{lucidabr}' line from the TeX sources,
>You will get the math correctly.

>    Also the \PageDissolve options do not seem to work
when I opened
>    the sample PDF file in my system.
>Have you postprocessed your pdf with Ppower4? If not,
download the
>Ppower4, a Java program from CTAN and run it. The
usage is:
>  ppower4 <input.pdf> <output.pdf>

I forgot that, this was mentioned in the manual. thanks.

>PS: I would recommend you to switch to pdfscreen which
has more
>facilities than pdfslide. Most of the things in
pdfslide are
>harwired, no flexibility at all and there is no
further development
>of pdfslide now.

  I take that advice. thanks for the advice and for your
smart package.

Asokan K