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Radhakrishnan CV tuglist@tug.org.in
Wed, 10 Apr 2002 11:44:20 +0530 (IST)

On Wed, 10 Apr 2002 at 10:57, S. venkataraman wrote:

   I think tug india is doing a wonderful job. Previously, Indian
   users had little support.

Many thanks for your kind words of encouragement.

   Now most of the queries are answered promptly in the list. For
   miktex users, miktex list can also be useful. It is very active.

   I have some thoughts/doubts that I want to share with you. I hope
   you won't feel I am wasting your time.  This has nothing to do
   with the use of tex but things related to tug.

Indeed, we welcome any such feedback from the list users, which will
help us make TUGIndia more stronger and healthier enough to serve
the TeX user community in India in a better way.

   1) Is the TeXLive CD-ROM available in India? From where can one
   buy it and how much does it cost? (Personally, it has never been

TUGIndia distribute TeXLive CDROM, which is always announced in the
list as and when new release is made by the TeXLive production team.
In fact, this is the only means of revenue for TUGIndia (we dont
collect any membership fee).  If you want to help TUGIndia, please
buy a TeXLive. You need to send a demand draft of Rs. 500 favouring 
Indian TeX Users Group payable at any Bank in Trivandrum to:

 The Indian TeX Users Group
 Floor III, SJP Buildings
 Cotton Hills, Trivandrum 695014
 Tel 0471 33 7501/7502

Usually, the CD will be shipped to you on the very same day, if not 
early next day.

   an issue with me because I have internet access and I can
   download the fonts and packages that I need. Still, I would like
   to know.) Tex comes preinstalled with linux, but the scenario
   regarding windows is different. It will be nice if we can
   convince the computer magazines to distribute miktex,
   ghostscript, ghostview and emacs+auctex, periodically.  I
   remember that PCQuest distributed ghostview once. There is an

That is a good idea, we will talk to the computer magazines. 

   excellent site that explains how to install miktex, emacs,
   auctex, ghostview and Ispell for windows. The URL is

Thanks for the URL. We will add this to the useful links section at 
our site.

   2) Previously, there was a membership fee for tug. What is the
   situation now?

No fee at all, it is free. You need to subscribe to our mailing 

   3) I saw Omega tex in the programme list for the tugindia
   meeting. Will it be possible to get the proceedings of the
   meeting? I am particularly excited by the possibilities that
   Omega tex provides for type setting in Indic languages.

Abstracts will be available for free download. But proceedings will
be for participants only. However, if you have subscribed to
TUGBoat, the issue after the conference will be the proceedings.

   4) Is it a good idea to shift tuglist to yahoo groups? (or should
   it be google?)

No, we're religious about having out site, lists and all that in
TUGIndia owned server. By the way, what's the advantage of shifting
to yahoo or google?

   OOps!  Sorry! Too many questions in one go!

No problems.