[Tuglist] General

S. venkataraman tuglist@tug.org.in
Wed, 10 Apr 2002 10:57:32 +0530

I think tug india is doing a wonderful job. Previously, Indian users had
little support.
Now most of the queries are answered promptly in the list. For miktex
users, miktex 
list can also be useful. It is very active.
I have some thoughts/doubts that I want to share with you.I hope you
feel I am wasting your time.  This 
has nothing to do with the use of tex but things related to 
1) Is the TeXLive CD-ROM available in India? From where can one buy it 
and how much does it cost? (Personally, it has never been an issue with
because I have internet access and I can download the fonts and packages
I need. Still, I would like to know.) Tex comes preinstalled with linux,
but the scenario 
regarding windows is different. It will be nice if we can convince the
computer magazines
to distribute miktex, ghostscript, ghostview and emacs+auctex,
periodically.  I remember that 
PCQuest distributed ghostview once. There is an excellent site that
explains how to 
install miktex, emacs, auctex, ghostview and Ispell for windows. The URL
2) Previously, there was a membership fee for tug. What is the situation
3)I saw Omega tex in the programme list for the tugindia meeting. Will
it be 
possible to get the proceedings of the meeting? I am particularly
excited by 
the possibilities that Omega tex provides for type setting in Indic
4) Is it a good idea to shift tuglist to yahoo groups?(or should it be
OOps!  Sorry! Too many questions in one go!