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Thu, 25 Oct 2001 19:40:38 +0530

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On Thu, Oct 25, 2001 at 02:50:56AM -0700, Amitabh Trehan wrote:
>  I have the pleasure of telling you that on this 23rd
> the first book wholly written in LaTeX in devangari
> font ( and prob. the first such book in an Indian
> language (pl. correct me on this) ) was launched=20

That's great!!

Since we're trying to catch hold of history, here's a factoid --

At CMIE <http://www.cmie.com>, a document was produced for the
Ministry of Agriculture "a few years ago" (I don't remember exactly
when). It involved tables that spanned facing pages. On the left hand
page were row titles in Hindi. On the right hand page were row titles
in English. The whole thing was done using TeX, primarily by Sanjeev
Gupta <ghane@iname.com>.

So this wasn't as good as "a book in Hindi in TeX", but it was a full
book which used TeX which had Hindi on every left page.


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