[Tuglist] first book in devnagari LaTeX

Sanjeev Gupta tuglist@tugindia.org.in
Fri, 26 Oct 2001 02:24:54 -0500 (CDT)

On Thu, 25 Oct 2001, Ajay Shah wrote:

> Since we're trying to catch hold of history, here's a factoid --
> At CMIE <http://www.cmie.com>, a document was produced for the
> Ministry of Agriculture "a few years ago" (I don't remember exactly
> when). It involved tables that spanned facing pages. On the left hand
> page were row titles in Hindi. On the right hand page were row titles
> in English. The whole thing was done using TeX, primarily by Sanjeev
> Gupta <ghane@iname.com>.

2 points:
It was not just Row titles, but footnotes, et al.  In fact, reading just
the left hand side (even numbered pages), would be a complete experience,
if you knew Hindi/Devnagari.

2 I did the proof-of-concept, and the research, being the resident
LaTeX-man, but the actual man responsible for this was Nohez Poonawala
<nohez@cmie.com>.  If I am right, this would be when I was on leave to get
married, which would make it Oct 1996. 

And just to nit-pick, we used LaTeX 2e, not TeX.  I hate TeX, I hate TeX,
I hate TeX.  By standing on the shoulders of giants, we can ignore

Nohez still works with LaTeX at CMIE.  Thanks to Ajay in the early 90's,
CMIE was producing exteremely well-layed out documents when others
struggled to maintain the same gutter on each page with GUI tools.

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