[Tuglist] How to avoid the blank page.

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Mon, 11 Jun 2001 09:01:20 +0500

Dear friends,
 In the document class thesis or book when I try to prepare a thesis, at
the end of each chapter one page remains blank though it has a page number.
Kindly tell me how can I avoid this blank page. With thanks and best wishes
                                       Yours sincerely
                                       Indrajit Lahiri
                                 Department of Mathematics
                                  University of Kalyani
                                  West Bengal 741235. 
Dear friends,
  I get the solution of the problem. It is very simple. Just put "openany"
option in the square braket after \documentclass i.e.
\documentclass[12pt,twoside,openany]{thesis} or
This "openany" is the default option in documentclass "report".In the
documentclass "thesis" or "book" the default option is "openright".
Therefore the problem arises. 
So one may ignore my earlier mail.
                                        Yours sincerely
                                       Indrajit Lahiri.