[Tuglist] How to print ps files by a deskjet printer.

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Hi Indrajit

Epson stylus is not a postscript printer, while making a print file choose a
non-postscript printer driver and choose the option "print to a file" from
the print screen. this will server your purpose


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Dear friends,
             Wish you all a very happy New Year. I generally print the post
script files by GS viewer 5.5 installed from Tex Live 4 CD and by TVS 9 pin
dot matrix printer. I just have purchased an Epson Stylus 480 colour
printer but unfortunately I can not print the post script files by this
printer. This new printer can print pdf files generated from the latex
files. I seek suggestions to use the new printer for printing the post
script files. Thanking you
                                  Yours sincerely
                                  Indrajit Lahiri

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