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Thu, 20 Dec 2001 13:30:37 +0530 (IST)

TUG 2002 Annual Meeting and Conference
September 1-7, Trivandrum, India

We are pleased to announce that the most exciting TeX event of 2002,
the international conference of TeX Users Group is scheduled to be
conducted in India during September 1--7, 2002 at Park Center,
Technopark, Trivandrum, Kerala. This is going to be the first of its
kind outside US and Europe and we are hoping for excellent

You are warmly invited to participate and/or offer a presentation at
this most exciting event. We want to make this a big success, and we
want lots of high-quality presentations. The theme for TUG 2002 is
`Stand up and be proud of TeX!'. Show us why it is still the
typesetting tool of choice, the range of material it can handle, and
especially how it can coexist with the new world of XML. We want to
hear about

    * using TeX to typeset XML
    * multilingual typesetting using Omega
    * high-quality hyperdocuments using pdfTeX
    * fonts for non-Latin languages
    * new directions for Metafont and Metapost

Full conference details can be found at


suffice it to say here that Kerala is a very beautiful part of
India, where you will be sure of very warm hospitality and excellent
facilities. The TUG 2002 program committee chair is Sebastian Rahtz
of Oxford University and organising committee chair is Satish Babu
of InApp, Trivandrum.

Proposals for papers shall be directed immediately to


    * January/February 2002: send in abstracts for papers
    * end of February 2002: notification of acceptance of paper
    * end of March 2002: preliminary program available
    * May 2002: send first version of full paper
    * July 2002: send final version of full paper
    * 4th-7th September 2002: TUG conference in India

Pre-conference Tutorials (1 to 3 September 2002):

    * Introduction to TeX
    * LaTeX to SGML/XML/MathML conversion
    * XML and XSL transformation procedures
    * TEI XML
    * Generation of hyperlinked documents with pdfTeX and ConTeXt
    * Multilingual typesetting using Omega

Email ids for contact:

   tug2002@tug.org.in         -- General information
   papers@tug2002.tug.org.in  -- Submission of papers
   finance@tug2002.tug.org.in -- Financial matters
   travel@tug2002.tug.org.in  -- Travel information
   media@tug2002.tug.org.in   -- Media contact

Radhakrishnan CV
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