[TUG2003-news] TUG2003 Conference Update 2003-05-11 and Imminent Deadlines

Wendy McKay wendy at tug.org
Mon May 12 08:58:00 CEST 2003

May 11, 2003
TO: 	Participants of TUG2003


This is a gentler reminder that the deadline for discount rates at the
Outrigger Hotel is May 19th, 2003
Please try to register before that date.  
Accommodation is $145.00 per night (+taxes) per room for 1-2 people

If for some reason you need to wait to make your reseravation 
because of Visas or other matters, 
please let us know when you expect to confirm your participation.

It is highly recommended that participants stay at the                  
Outrigger Waikoloa Resort for the best hotel rates in the area,                
convenience of networking together, and fostering a TeX community spirit. 
If for some reason you are _not_ intending  to stay at the Outrigger would 
you kindly notify us.

If you are planning to share accommodation and  have already found a 
roommate of your choice, please let me know so I can remove your name off the list
at http://www.tug.org/tug2003/sharing.html
Click on "roommates"
login: guest
pwd: tug2003

If you have already made a reservation and are still in serach of a 
roommate, or you are willing to share your room to save on expenses,
please write to me at tug2003-pr at tug.org
and I will try to coordinate and post the remaining requests.

It would help us greatly if everyone is  pre-registered for the 
conference no later than July 10, 2003. We need to have your full
coordinates and confirmation that you plan to attend.
Hotel catering needs to be notified of our numbers.

has been posted at http://www.tug.org/tug2003/schedule/tentative/
and was revised, May 11, 2003

Apple Computers Inc is providing iBooks and G4 towers for
Day 3:  The Power of TeX and the Power of Mac OS X (Unix),
        Hands-on Workshops and Demos on Installation of teTeX from
        TeXLive and Gerben Wierda's i-installer; SIG discussions

Day 6:  Free Post Conference ConTeXt all-day tutorial by Hans Hagen
        and Giuseppe Bilotta, 9AM - 3:30 PM

MAC OS X (Unix)
If you already have any expertise with Mac OS X TeX and would like
to contribute to the Mac OS X TeX SIG discussions and demonstrations,
please let me know.

We would like to make the slide presentations available live at the end
of each day for the TeX Community.  If you are willing to post your
presenation material, please bring it on CD, Zip disks or be prepared
to transfer it via an external USB/Firewrie drive at the registration desk
at the Alii conference room when you pick up your registration packet on 
Sunday July 20, 2003.
You may submit a copy by email in advance as a backup  before your 
travel if you wish. (Send to wendy at tug.org)

If you have any interesting anecdotes or reminiscences of TeX history that
you would like to  present during the heritage evening, please let me know 
in advance.   

Authors of papers for the TUGboat 2003 proceedings should be in touch with
the editor at tug2003-editorial at tug.org
Preprint versions should be ready by June 9, 2003

Avid star gazer, Sam Rhoads of Hawaii,  has offered to lead a free outing
to View the Hawaiian skies.  This has been tentatively scheduled for
Tuesday July 22, 2003, but is subject to change.

Contact: GINA ROBLES <grobles at protravelinc.com>
Protravel International Inc.
119 West California Blvd
Pasadena, CA 91105
+1 (626) 796-4448 tel
+1 (800) 481-7774 toll free
+1 (626) 844-3055 fax 

If you have  questions, suggestions, or information  you would 
like to share with other  participants coming to Hawaii, send email to 
tug2003-news at tug.org

/// wendy
tug2003-pr at tug.org
wendy at tug.org

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