[tlu] TeXLive, Segmentation fault xdvipdfmx fatal

Jean Marie Falisse fa003029 at skynet.be
Sat Jan 31 12:03:22 CET 2015


I’m using TeX Live 2014, with TeXShop, on a MacBookPro, OS X 10.9.5.

When composing a reasonably long text, I get the following messages on the TeXShop console:

LaTeX Warning: Reference `fig:periodicitespatiale' on page 33 undefined on inpu
t line 853.

[33]Segmentation fault

xdvipdfmx:fatal: File ended prematurely


I have been trying to comment out some parts of the file to see what happens, but to no avail.

This file has already been composed months ago, and a .pdf produced, but I had some improvements to do.  TeX Live packages are regularly updated with TeX Live Utility.

Could you please tell me where I could get some help, and hints, to find a solution?  I’m a physics teacher, and I use LaTeX to produce my notes for the students.

Thank you for your advice.

Jean Marie Falisse

Jean Marie Falisse
Professeur de Physique
Athénée royal d'Auderghem, Implantation La Brise
rue de la Bergerette
1170 Watermael-Boitsfort
jmfalisse at acm.org
+32 479 509899

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