[tlu] Yosemite workaround

Richard Koch koch at math.uoregon.edu
Wed Aug 6 17:01:46 CEST 2014


I just downloaded beta 10 on Mavericks and Yosemite and updated
BasicTeX. Everything worked fine on Mavericks.

On Yosemite, unfortunately, the old problem is back. Here is a piece
of the log file. 

2014-08-06 14:54:52 +0000 Notice tlu_ipctask[1094]	Installation complete; reconfiguring TeX Live
2014-08-06 14:54:53 +0000 Warning tlu_ipctask[1094]	done running mktexlsr.
2014-08-06 14:54:53 +0000 Warning tlu_ipctask[1094]	running updmap-sys ...
2014-08-06 14:54:53 +0000 Warning tlu_ipctask[1094]	
2014-08-06 14:54:53 +0000 Warning tlu_ipctask[1094]	updmap-sys failed (status 127), output:
2014-08-06 14:54:53 +0000 Warning tlu_ipctask[1094]	/Users/koch/Library/TeX/LocalTeX/texbin/updmap-sys: line 30: exec: updmap: not found
2014-08-06 14:54:53 +0000 Warning tlu_ipctask[1094]	
2014-08-06 14:54:53 +0000 Warning tlu_ipctask[1094]	regenerating fmtutil.cnf in /usr/local/texlive/2014basic/texmf-var
2014-08-06 14:54:53 +0000 Notice -[TLMLogServer _parseMessageAndNotify:][963]	Unhandled status "exiting "
2014-08-06 14:54:53 +0000 Notice tlu_ipctask[1094]	exiting tlmgr:
2014-08-06 14:54:53 +0000 Notice -[TLMAuthorizedOperation _runUntilChildExit][963]	kqueue noted that pid 1095 exited (/Users/koch/Library/TeX/LocalTeX/texbin/tlmgr --repository http://bay.uchicago.edu/tex-archive/systems/texlive/tlnet/ --machine-readable --persistent-downloads update --all)
2014-08-06 14:54:53 +0000 Notice tlu_ipctask[1094]	child process pid = 1095 exited
2014-08-06 14:54:54 +0000 Error tlu_ipctask[1094]	Value of errno is No such file or directory
2014-08-06 14:54:54 +0000 Error tlu_ipctask[1094]	*** ERROR *** exit status of pid = 1095 was 1
2014-08-06 14:54:54 +0000 Notice -[TLMAuthorizedOperation _runUntilChildExit][963]	waitpid returned 1094, WIFEXITED(256) = 1, errno = 2 (No such file or directory)
2014-08-06 14:54:54 +0000 Notice -[TLMAuthorizedOperation _runUntilChildExit][963]	kqueue noted that tlu_ipctask (pid = 1094) exited with status 1

I also ran into download problems as follows. On both Mavericks and Yosemite, my pref settings only
allow programs from the app store or from a known developer. On Mavericks, I got the standard message
that the app wasn’t by a known developer, I held down the command key and ran the program, and that
was that.

On Yosemite, the message said that the application was damaged and should be thrown in the trash,
and the command key trick didn’t work. I had to reach into preferences and configure to accept all
applications before TlU would run. (Of course after that it runs fine.) Apple sent a note to developers
saying the signing mechanism has changed and apps must be signed on Yosemite or the latest beta of
Mavericks (but the signature will then be recognized on older machines). Since you are “self signing,” I
don’t know if this applies to you.

That’s all I know. The download issue isn’t important at the moment, but the updmap-sys issue is.


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