[tlu] TLU (1.14) dazed and confused

Justin C. Walker justin at mac.com
Fri Nov 1 07:10:30 CET 2013


I am running TLU 1.14 on 10.9 (Xcode installed).  Today, I started it check for updates (last run: 3 days ago).  It shows ~4MB (4 files) to be updated.  When I click Update, the gear grinds but nothing happens (no entries in the log file, no CPU activity, no syslog messages).  If I quit, it gives me an alert warning of an in-progress update.

I then checked for updates, got the 1.16 notice, and asked for an update.  The update downloads, and after clicking "Install and relaunch" the dialog box stays, with the progress barber pole spinning.  Again, no log messages or CPU activity.

I have a 'sample' and the TLU log, if it's of use.


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