[tldistro] misbehaving configure (prefix + bindir option)

AH ahammington at mail.ru
Tue Mar 14 10:34:26 CET 2017

Hello folks of texlive,

i hope you already know what a great job you are doing in providing this
huge tex-distribution ! thanks for that!

While i am packaging for our linux distro, i found an inconsistency in
documentation in regards to actual behaviour:

doc states that prefix is (with the use of exec_prefix=prefix) prepended
to bindir, but my configure-output says different.

( i have to mention using the rather old 20160523b-source.tar.xz) but i
didn't see patches regarding that issue in the branch2016.

maybe the doc is just misleading, in that one can think exec_prefix is
set to prefix automatically.

i hope it helps you and others.



link to doc:

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