[tlbuild] icu-60.2 in TL

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Fri Jan 12 19:39:44 CET 2018

Hello TL builders - I've committed icu-60.2 to TL (r46290). Poppler and
LuaTeX were updated a few days ago. It would be a good time to try a
test build.

Ken: it seems a number of Cygwin-related changes were made, though not
precisely as we had them. So I did not reinstall
patch-17-cygwin-no-w32api. I figured you would need to (re)adapt the
patches and resend upstream. I did install (a modified version of)
patch-16-putil; I don't know why they missed that, can you resend to
them, assuming it's still needed?

Marc: similarly, they have a new method for determining whether to
include locale.h or xlocale.h, so I did not reinstall
patch-19-netbsd. Hopefully their source will work, but if changes are
need, please let them (and me) know.


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