[tlbuild] Preliminary progress report for TeX Live 2016 builds at Utah

Nelson H. F. Beebe beebe at math.utah.edu
Tue Mar 29 23:53:04 CEST 2016

Yesterday, I pulled a fresh snapshot of the TeX Live 2016 sources,
with the pull job completing on 28-Mar-2017 21:57 UTC (= GMT).

I've spent part of yesterday, and much of today, doing builds on about
55 different systems of the 75 or so in my test lab.

I can now report this list of successes:

	% ./show-file-counts.sh 
	407      armv7l-linux-arch
	412      i386-linux-fedora-20-utah
	412      x86_64-linux-arch
	407      x86_64-linux-centos-6
	412      x86_64-linux-centos-7
	412      x86_64-linux-debian-7
	412      x86_64-linux-debian-8
	407      x86_64-linux-debian-8t
	412      x86_64-linux-debian-8u
	412      x86_64-linux-fedora-21
	412      x86_64-linux-fedora-22
	412      x86_64-linux-fedora-23
	412      x86_64-linux-opensuse-13
	407      x86_64-linux-oracle-7
	412      x86_64-linux-pclinuxos-2016
	412      x86_64-linux-ubuntu-16
	407      x86_64-macosx-10.10
	407      x86_64-macosx-10.11

	Total: 18 systems

The counts in the first column are the number of files in the
subdirectory named in the second column.

The names in the second column are my local names for various
platforms in the $prefix/texlive/2016/bin tree; they reflect O/S
versions more closely than the final TeX Live 20xx releases do.

I'm seeing many more platforms than last year where I have to hide the
/usr/local tree, or its replacement on newer systems, /usr/uumath, in
order to get the build to succeed.  The conflicts seem to come
primarily from libfreetype, for which I have the recent freetype-2.6.3
installed (freetype-config reports version 18.3.2, and the shared
library is libfreetype.so.6.12.3).

On Debian 6.9, the native gcc (4.4.5) and clang (1.1) compilers are
both too old to compile parts of the TeX Live 2016 tree, notably, the
icu library.

On ArchLinux ARM, I had to add --disable-xindy because of this failure:

;; Compiling file ;; Compiling file /local/build/bare/texlive-20160328/source/utils/xindy/xindy-src/src/base.lsp;; Compiling file  .../local/build/bare/texlive-20160328/source/utils/xindy/xindy-src/src/ordrules.lsp .../local/build/bare/texlive-20160328/source/utils/xindy/xindy-src/src/version.lsp ...
;; Wrote file /local/build/bare/texlive-20160328/source/Work/utils/xindy/xindy-src/src/version.fas
0 errors, 0 warnings

*** - handle_fault error2 ! address = 0x36b0b440 not in [0x1a340000,0x1a4ae540) !
SIGSEGV cannot be cured. Fault address = 0x36b0b440.

Sadly, clisp, on which xindy depends, has not been maintained for
almost six years, and the latest version, clisp-2.49, fails to build
on several of my systems, or builds, but core dumps at run time.

There is still hope for other platforms, as I find workarounds for
build problems, and I'll likely report again in a few days.

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