[tlbuild] Latest TeXLive on Intel Leopard

Richard Koch koch at uoregon.edu
Tue Mar 29 08:34:18 CEST 2016

Karl Berry,

Previously, the latest version of TeX Live compiled fine on Snow Leopard
and El Capitan, both 64 bit platforms.

However, the compiles failed on Leopard Intel and Leopard PPC,
both 32 bit platforms. The errors were similar, so I concentrated
on Leopard Intel.

I’m happy to report that now everything compiles on this system,
and all tests are passed. 412 binaries are created.

To make this happen, several long long constants in


had to be replaced by similar constants ending in ULL. A
number of people in the mailing list sent Karl a diff file,
which is now installed in the source.


There were then a series of other bugs. Here is a sample from the
log file of one of these; others were similar. All of the bugs 
involved private instance variables.

/Users/koch/texlive2016dev/source/Work/libs/icu/../../../libs/icu/icu-src/source/i18n/dtitvinf.cpp:300: error: within this context
/Users/koch/texlive2016dev/source/Work/libs/icu/../../../libs/icu/icu-src/source/i18n/unicode/dtitvinf.h:462: error: 'static icu_57::DateIntervalInfo::IntervalPatternIndex icu_57::DateIntervalInfo::calendarFieldToIntervalIndex(UCalendarDateFields, UErrorCode&)' is private

I don’t know enough C++ to trace the source of these bugs and provide a
definitive fix. However, I’m hoping that my band-aid fix will immediately
suggest the correct fix.

My fix involved just two header files:


The first of these files has two active commands


(by active, I mean that the word appeared elsewhere in comments,
but not in active code). The second file contains one active “private:”. 
I REMOVED THESE THREE “private:” lines.

Also, the first header contained two occurrences of the following:


In both cases I REMOVED THE TWO # COMMANDS, making
the interior active.

One more piece of information. According to the log files,
the first header is only opened by 

	/libs/icu/icu-src/source/i18n/dtitv ing.cff

I forgot to keep a record of the files opening the second
header, but it was only one or two.

Dick Koch
koch at uoregon.edu

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