[tlbuild] initial builds for tl'16

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Sun Mar 6 00:48:28 CET 2016

(I sent this to tex-live@ yesterday by mistake.  I think some of you are
not on that list [which is fine], so resending.  Sorry.)

Hello TeX Live builders.  Today is purportedly the day to begin
*testing* of the sources for the TL'16 release.

I know many of you have given the current sources a try or two.  That is
great.  If you haven't, please do.  The current sources are not final --
I still have to incorporate the musixtex autosp program into the tree,
among other things.  But, thanks to hard work by Akira, Luigi, and
others (we all miss Peter), the current sources should be pretty close.

Perhaps most importantly: if you have built the binaries for a given
platform in the past, but won't be able to this year, please let me know
asap.  List of people/platforms is below, to the best of my knowledge.

Finally, a crucial reminder: as usual, please do not commit anything to
the repository (Master/bin).  We are not nearly ready for that.  There
will be lots more discussion/warning before the user-visible pretest


Ettore Aldrovandi (i386-solaris, x86_64-solaris),
Marc Baudoin (amd64-netbsd, i386-netbsd),
Karl Berry (i386-linux),
Ken Brown (i386-cygwin, x86_64-cygwin),
Simon Dales (armhf-linux),
Akira Kakuto (win32),
Dick Koch (universal-darwin, x86_64-darwin),
Nikola Lecic (amd64-freebsd, i386-freebsd),
Mojca Miklavec (mipsel-linux, sparc-solaris),
Norbert Preining (alpha-linux, x86_64-linux),
Thomas Schmitz (powerpc-linux),
Boris Veytsman (armel-linux).

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