[tlbuild] List of packages included in tetex3

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Sat Jan 30 01:04:10 CET 2016

    Single packages sometimes have dependent packages. Is it right that 
    these depends are mostly recommendations rather than hard dependencies?

Package to package dependencies generally exist only because someone
specifically asked for them and/or they caused some practical problem.
So they had best be honored, or the same problems will just recur.

Virtually all package-to-package dependencies are "optional" in some
context, thus we have never attempted to discover them, only recorded
them when necessary.

    Maybe a good test will be, to compile the tetex3 docs.

I haven't looked at those docs in a long time, but my recollection is
that they are pretty simple and would only exercise basic LaTeX.  I
don't know of any test document suite to exercise given sets of
packages, or any document testing infrastructure (other than l3build,
which is aimed at a rather different target; speaking of which, current
l3 is another big chunk that did not exist in tetex times).

Good luck,

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