[tlbuild] Bug in libpng affecting Solaris 10

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Wed Jan 20 17:10:38 CET 2016

    I did that, but I didn't manage to get anything useful out of it at

Also, I belatedly remembered that it is necessary to add -E, so the rest
of the compiler doesn't run.  Sorry.  In short, ... -E -dD -o /tmp/foo ...
outputs all the #define's as they are made, so it's possible to
trace where things are coming from.


    If you don't want to apply this to the sources, can you please at
    least send me an attempt of a TeX Live-specific patch that does this?

Try running make LIBPNG_USER_CPPFLAGS="-Dwhatever ...".
I just added that variable to libpng/Makefile[.am] for this purpose.

I don't think it's a good idea to start trying to embed
compiler-version-specific system-version-specific package-version-specific
build options into the Makefiles.  Many builds require various options
(I'd like to know about them to record them in source/README, if not
already there) and I don't see anything to be gained by putting autoconf
(and me) into the loop of defining them.


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