[tlbuild] LuaJIT segfaults on NetBSD

Peter Breitenlohner peb at mppmu.mpg.de
Tue Sep 8 11:36:16 CEST 2015

Hi Mark,

this is a new version of LuaJIT, tested only for a few systems: Linux,
OSX, Mingw (both 32/64 Bit), and 32 Bit Cygwin.

(1) Can you try to build luajit-2.1.0-beta1 from the original sources
http://luajit.org/download/LuaJIT-2.1.0-beta1.tar.gz and see if
   luajit-2.1.0-beta1 -e "error('test')"
also segfaults.  That's what I had to do to fix the i686-linux build.

(2) Please have a look at libs/luajit/ in the TL buiild tree and send me the
contents of Makefile, dynasm_flags, and native_flags.

Peter Breitenlohner <peb at mppmu.mpg.de>

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