[tlbuild] mendex crashing

Marc Baudoin babafou at babafou.eu.org
Sun Aug 23 10:24:40 CEST 2015


Since this night's update (I'm udating my TeX Live source tree
every morning), mendex is crashing while in the test suite:

% cat Work/texk/mendexk/test-suite.log
FAIL: tests/mendex

This is mendex version 2.6f [14-Aug-2009] (utf8.euc) (TeX Live 2016/dev).
Scanning input file ../../../texk/mendexk/tests/foo.idx....done (3 entries accepted, 0 rejected).
3 entries accepted, 0 rejected.
Sorting index....done(0 comparisons).
Sorting pages....done(4 comparisons).
Making index file....done.
0 warnings, written in foo.ilg1.
Output written in foo.ind1.
[1]   Done                    cat ${srcdir}/te... |
      Segmentation fault      ./mendex >foo.in...

This is on NetBSD/amd64 6.1.5.

It seems to be related to this modification indicated in

2015-08-23  TANAKA Takuji  <ttk at t-lab.opal.ne.jp>

        * main.c: Accept long file name for a log file and a index file.

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