[tlbuild] Bug#795054: texlive-binaries: "vptovf" prints rounding warnings incorrectly

Norbert Preining preining at logic.at
Mon Aug 10 03:52:27 CEST 2015

Hi Peter, hi all,

(please keep Ccs)

we got a bug report here at Debian that applies the same way to
current TL 2015: In short, the output of vptovf is hosed:

> $ vptovf myfont.vpl
> I had to round some heights by  units.
> 0.0090284$ 

	I had to round some heights by  units.
goes to STDERR and the number to STDOUT.

It seems that this is due to this change in vptovf.ch

+ at x [2] Print all terminal output on stderr.
+ at d print(#)==write(#)
+ at d print_ln(#)==write_ln(#)
+ at y
+ at d print(#)==write(stderr,#)
+ at d print_ln(#)==write_ln(stderr,#)
+ at z

Looking through the code it seems that 
is used to shipout the value, but I also see
	@d print_real(#)==fprint_real(stderr,#)
so I would expect it works?

Any comments on that?


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