[tlbuild] ttf2pk versus ttf2pk2

Werner LEMBERG wl at gnu.org
Tue Jul 23 08:14:30 CEST 2013

>> So please provide patches!
> That would depend on what's your view on for whose convenience it is
> to fix problems.  I am not dying to spend time doing that.

I'm quite certain that fixing patches for ttf2pk means that it can be
applied to ttf2pk2 also.

> Without fixing the indeterminism at a minimum, it is inappropriate
> to claim the new version being the "same" as old;

As far as I can see, Peter can't reproduce this.  Can you provide such
different TFMs for testing?  Maybe this gives a clue.  [BTW, this is
what I've meant in an earlier mail that you provide data within a
small bundle, together with a script which calls ttf2pk, ttf2tfm,

> and without testing against widely available platform bundled fonts
> first,

I suggest that you don't care about this particular issue.  It's much
more important to find out what causes your immediate problem.

> FWIW, just quickly searching 'ttf2tfm unicode' on google, shows the
> first few entries are tutorials on using it against
> msmincho/msgothic and cyberbit.  I always thought those are the
> first to be tried and am surprised to hear that they haven't been.

Please, PLEASE stop talking about what to test first and what not.
This is not helpful.  First YOUR problems should be handled.


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