[tlbuild] building without linked-scripts

Bob Tennent rdt at cs.queensu.ca
Tue Nov 13 00:12:09 CET 2012

 >|On Mo, 12 Nov 2012, Peter Breitenlohner wrote:
 >|> I don't quite understand your problem with that link, because 'make
 >|> in utils/m-tx will install that link and the lua script excactly
 >|as pmx2pdf
 >|> and the corresponding lua script are installed in utils/pmx.
 >|My point was only that when I disable the linkedscripts target,
 >|then everything but m-tx and pmx2pdf are bin internal, i.e., no
 >|links outside the bin directory.
 >|So in packaging I don't have to do anything special ;-)
 >|ANyway, I have that now excluded with --disable-m-tx
 >|(it appeared only because before it was named --disable-mtx which I
 >|had in my build script).
 >|In (Debian) package building all these links are the most problematic
 >|ones. We have three classes (or more):
 >|* installed by linked_scripts target
 >|* installed/defined by formats (texlinks), i.e., links for format names
 >|* some other
 >|THese some other I don't understand how they are created,maintained:
 >|(I assume from the recpective Makefiles in the sub dirs of source?)
 >|(format: real link)
 >|usr/bin/allcm usr/bin/allec
 >|usr/bin/kpsetool usr/bin/kpsepath
 >|usr/bin/kpsetool usr/bin/kpsexpand
 >|usr/bin/fmtutil usr/bin/mktexfmt
 >|usr/bin/lua2dox_lua usr/bin/lua2dox_filter
 >|usr/bin/pdfcrop usr/bin/rpdfcrop

Hi.  I'm the maintainer of the m-tx package.  I'm not really
understanding this thread, but if there's something I need
to do, I'm sure somebody will tell me :+)

Bob T.

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