[tlbuild] [tex-live] texlive install overwrites /usr/bin/man

Norbert Preining preining at logic.at
Tue Nov 22 01:05:33 CET 2011

On Mo, 21 Nov 2011, Bruce Dubbs wrote:
> That appears to only support a binary install not a source install.  I  
> could be wrong.  I'll look at it.

Right. source install is *NOT* supported out of the box. One has to
work to get this done.

> > Or, since that is actually what you want to do, read
> >	README.distro
> > and at the bottom there are some information.
> I don't see that in the source tarball.  There is a README.layout, but  
> that appears to document source layout, not the needed install layout.

It is a recent addition,

You might also look at:

> Then I suggest you remove the install target from the Makefile, or at  
> least explain it.

It has a reason to be there, becasue it does a lot of things, but
what it does is preparing a directory with binaries
that can be included in our binary distribution. Nothing more and nothing

> We have about 650 different packages in LFS and I can say that TeXLive  
> is the most challenging.  Some combination of packages like Xorg and  

I know that very well. I was the first who packaged TeX Live for a 
distribution, in 2005 for Debian, when everyone was still using teTeX.

> most complex.  I do think your install method for the source is unique.

I build the binaries out of tree and then move them to the right locations
in the installation script. I don't know aobut LFS, but you must have
some installation script, too.

My suggestion is:
- download the source
- build it with Build
- download the support files
- think about the location, some options:
  . but the binaries into /usr/bin and the support files in
    /usr/share/texmf and /usr/share/temxf-dist
  . but all in the same structure as telxive into
    /usr/texlive/2011/... and link the binaries 
    (that is what our installer offers)
- wrap all that up in a installer script

Best wishes

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