[tlbuild] Checking if biber binary can run on a given platform? (Was: TL'11 build schedule)

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Tue Mar 22 00:27:09 CET 2011

    It prints i386-freebsd, no matter how old or new it is. Why do you
    think it shouldn't always print i386-freebsd? 

Because it would solve this problem :)?  But I suppose you're right.

    Is this situation different on other supported platforms?

No.  But these version issues don't seem to come up anywhere else.
Maybe simply because no one else tries to support so many versions :).

    Well, there should always be nicer but less correct ways

Can sufficient info be derived from uname, or maybe config.guess output,
or some other freebsd-specific command?  Anything sounds better to me
than grepping an include file.


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