[tlbuild] TL'11 build schedule

Peter Breitenlohner peb at mppmu.mpg.de
Mon Mar 21 16:18:22 CET 2011

On Mon, 21 Mar 2011, Ken Brown wrote:

> Is the biber integration supposed to be complete at this point, or is it 
> still a work in progress?  I'm asking because configure and Makefile.in 
> haven't yet been generated in source/utils/biber.  I don't know if that's 
> deliberate or just an oversight.

Hi Ken,

an oversight, caused by the fact that 'svn st' didn't report them as present
in the working copy but missing in the repository.  Now fixed (r21782).

Peter Breitenlohner <peb at mppmu.mpg.de>

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