[tlbuild] TL'11 build schedule

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Sun Mar 20 01:31:20 CET 2011

As a couple of you already know, my goal this year is to deliver
TeX Live and the pieces of TeX Collection'11 to Manfred around July 1
(optimistically).  Manfred has said that should be ok.  (Hi Manfred. :)

Counting backwards from there, I'm hoping to start builds for TL'11 in
mid-April, i.e., have the major software changes committed by mid-April.
I've talked with the engine developers, et al., and they're on board.

Coming up in just a few weeks :).

The hope being that the build will be basically stable a few weeks after
that and we can update the docs, translations, and all the other good

Hope this will work out for everyone.  My hope was to allocate enough
time that the inevitable vacations for individuals, etc., won't be on
the critical path and delay the whole thing.  We'll see.

I'll post something on the TL web site soon, but wanted to give everyone
here a heads-up.

BTW, if anyone wants to try building the sources now, it couldn't hurt
to get a jump start on any problems that have crept in.  The final
luatex/xetex/pdftex/other updates are not in, but there have been plenty
of other changes.  Including the weirdness surrounding biber :(.


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