[tlbuild] biber building for TL

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Mon Mar 7 01:47:50 CET 2011

For those who don't know, biber is a BibTeX replacement, written in
Perl, originally for use with
biblatex.  http://biblatex-biber.sourceforge.net/

The authors create binaries for (in TL terms) i386-linux, x86_64-linux,
win32, and x86_64-darwin.  (Dick, I'll send you separate mail about the
Mac situation.)

I've just added those, along with the doc and sources, to TL and the
package should show up in tlnet tomorrow.

If anyone wishes to create binaries for our other platforms, it would be
good to give it a try asap.  There is documentation on the process near
the end of the biber.pdf manual.  The basic idea is to download all the
necessary Perl modules (there are tons) and use Par::Packer.

I'm still working on biber's presence in the Build tree, but all I am
thinking to do there is copy precreated binaries.  Trying to do the
actual compilation there doesn't make sense to me.


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