[tlbuild] What happened to win32lib.h?

Taco Hoekwater taco at elvenkind.com
Mon Jan 18 12:08:05 CET 2010


Javier Múgica wrote:
> It is the included file for Windows without mingw32. A search at the
> Internet shows that it used to be at kpathsea/, but now it isn't.
> I was able to compile by providing one of my own, but I'd like to use
> the standard one, if it still exists.

IIRC, I threw that out when I created the mingw32 specific header
because it was only #if defined(_WIN32) but did not play nicely
with mingw nor cygwin, and Akira Kakuto (who normally builds the
win32 native executables) never complained.

Best wishes,

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