[tlbuild] TL2009 binaries for {i386,amd64}-freebsd{6,7,8}

Nikola Lečić nikola.lecic at anthesphoria.net
Thu Nov 26 14:01:55 CET 2009

Hash: RIPEMD160

Dear TeXLive team,

I created 6 sets of FreeBSD binaries of TeXLive2009, for FreeBSD 6, 7
and 8, each for i386 and amd64:


As an active FreeBSD contributor/porter -- and a user of TeXLive on
FreeBSD myself -- I offer to maintain all these sets and do test builds
from now on. This maintenance might include producing new sets of
binaries if significant changes occur in software provided by ports
system that TL binaries are linked to.

Besides, I will be glad to cover more FreeBSD versions for these two
archs if a need arises, although this in unlikely at the moment.

I am aware that you received offers for FreeBSD maintainership earlier,
but I hope that my offer will suit you better because of "all-in-one"

Technical notes about the binaries:

* they are built in clean jail(8)s, with no TL default build settings
  changed (except TL_MAKE=gmake), and with minimal ports installed
  with their dependencies (these are devel/gmake, x11/libX11,
  x11-toolkits/libXmu, x11-toolkits/libXaw and x11-fonts/fontconfig),
  using _recent_ ports tree;

* the jails are populated with FreeBSD worlds of -STABLE branches of
  each major version (tagged RELENG_{6,7,8}). These currently match
  6.4-STABLE, 7.2-STABLE and 8.0-RC3. Since FreeBSD preserves base
  system shared lib versions across minor version upgrades, 6.4
  binaries will work on entire 6 branch, which covers all previous and
  future 6.X releases (tagged RELENG_{6,7,8}_X), provided that not-base
  system libs remain in concordance, of course;

* FreeBSD provides a way to run binaries from earlier major versions
  simply by installing misc/compat5x (compat6x, compat7x, etc) port.
  This means that 6-version binaries will work normally on every later
  major version with compat6x port installed. However it is a good
  thing to have "native" binaries for every branch because of FreeBSD's
  specificity to maintain so many branches in parallel.

- -- 
Nikola Lečić = Никола Лечић
fingerprint : FEF3 66AF C90E EDC3 D878  7CDC 956D F4AB A377 1C9B
Version: GnuPG v2.0.13 (FreeBSD)


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