[tlbuild] must rebuild pdftex again :(

Thomas A. Schmitz thomas.schmitz at uni-bonn.de
Thu Sep 17 09:32:32 CEST 2009

On Sep 17, 2009, at 9:24 AM, Peter Breitenlohner wrote:

> Hi Thomas,
> omit the '--version'.  With that option configure just prints the  
> version
> and exits, and the subsequent 'make' obviously has no Makefile.
> Regards
> Peter Breitenlohner <peb at mppmu.mpg.de>


thanks! I'm glad I sent this to the entire list, I would have hated if  
people did not realize what a nincompoop I am! (I tried to make sure  
where clisp was and simply used the history function of my shell...)



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