[tlbuild] asymptote 1.86

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Fri Sep 11 23:58:11 CEST 2009

Hi Dick,

    warning [version]: using possibly incompatible version 1.83 of plain.asy

It seems to me that you did precisely what you don't want to do -- ran
the new binary with the old support files, which, as you know, doesn't work.

As I said, I didn't update the support files in TL when I asked people
to build yesterday, because there were some new binaries built.  Now
there are (thanks Vladimir), so I will update the support files (and
Windows/Cygwin .exe's).

I knew this would be confusing.  Sorry.  But I see no practical way to
update all the binaries and support files at the same time.  We simply
have to accept the temporary inconsistency.

If you want to test yourself with the *new* support files, I can send
you my recipe for installing them (or post it somewhere, or something).

    I have halted further work and await comments from the asymptote  

Bowman isn't on this list.  But it's not his problem.  Can you just send
me the (url to) darwin binary, please?  Sometimes blind faith is the way
to go :).


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