[tlbuild] Successful build of TL with gcc4 on Cygwin

Angelo Graziosi angelo.graziosi at alice.it
Sat Sep 13 11:34:34 CEST 2008

Recently the gcc4-4.3.2 packages have been added to Cygwin. So I have
played to build TL with them.

I have used the same patched source which builds fine with gcc-3.4.4,
and the same build script, i.e. '--whitout-graphite' (otherwise it fails
in the same manner as gcc3). I have added only

CC='gcc-4' CXX='g++-4' CPP='cpp-4 .../build-texlive.sh ...

The only thing I observe is that now there are a lot (a lot, a lot...)
of warnings like:

../../../../libs/xpdf/xpdf/BuiltinFontTables.cc:330: warning: deprecated
conversion from string constant to 'char*'


In file included from ../../../../texk/web2c/web2c/splitup.c:10:
../../../../texk/web2c/../kpathsea/getopt.h:53: warning: 'optarg'
redeclared without dllimport attribute: previous dllimport ignored

(Just a curiosity, the build log file increased its size from 1390084 b
to 4288891 b)

I think they are not so important... or NOT?


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