[texworks] TeXworks 0.6.6 released

Philip Taylor P.Taylor at Hellenic-Institute.Uk
Wed Mar 24 11:51:23 CET 2021

Stefan Löffler wrote

> Indeed, this buglet must have been around for (probably) years. Thanks
> for reporting! It should hopefully be fixed as of today.
> The search results are static, meaning they are not updated once the
> search is completed (this applies not only to the filename, but also to
> the line number, text, etc.). As such, if you perform any changes to the
> files (be it edits to the text, changing the filename, or whatever), the
> search results will likely become more and more out of sync. AFAIK, the
> same behavior can be found in most other text editors. Changing that
> (i.e., making the search results dynamic/smart) would probably require
> quite a lot of code changes, and would potentially impact the speed of
> editing (imagine having several large documents open, a lot of search
> results, and each edit in each document would somehow have to update all
> search results).

Many thanks for the feedback, Stefan — much appreciated.  May I ask, as 
an aside, whether there is any target release date for a version 
supporting draggable rulers / guides — I really do need these !

** Phil.
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