[texworks] TeXworks 0.6.6 released

Philip Taylor P.Taylor at Hellenic-Institute.Uk
Tue Mar 23 13:46:02 CET 2021

Philip Taylor wrote:

> A buglet report, Stefan.  Let 0.6.6 be freshly installed, and 
> launched.  Let the following content be pasted into the source window :
> [...]
> I very much doubt that this is a new buglet, but it may well be a 
> previously unreported one.

However, the following bug (as opposed to buglet) may well be new. Let 
the same file then be saved as D:\untitled-1.tex.  When one now clicks 
on the first or the second found occurrence, one is again told :

> Cannot read file "C:/TeX/Works/untitled-1.tex";
> The system cannot read from the file specified.

Why does TeXworks not know that the file has been saved as 
D:\untitled-1.tex ?  IThe title bar no longer ends in an asterisk 
(indicating 'unsaved'), but its search code is still searching the 
earlier, never-existed, copy.  Only by clearing the search and searching 
again does one experience the expected behaviour.
/Philip Taylor/

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