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Philip Taylor P.Taylor at Rhul.Ac.Uk
Sun Mar 22 16:32:31 CET 2020

Hallo again Ovi — Rather like your previous question, this is not so much a TeXworks issue as a more general one.  However, since you (presumably) have (at least) two installation of TeXworks, one that runs under Windows and one that runs under MacOS, then you might be able to create a local copy of "gnuplottex.sty" in your Windows installation that slaves the system-wide copy but passes the additional "[miktex]" optional parameter.  That is, your mainline code would read "\usepackage {gnuplottex}", and your local "gnuplottex.sty" would then load the system version passing the additional optional parameter.  And of course under MacOS this would not be needed.  But as I know less than anyone about how LaTeX handles these things, I cannot give any more specific advice and I may well be completely mistaken.  Maybe ask on the TeXhax list, where you will be sure of reaching some more informed readers.

Philip Taylor
Ovi Chitayat wrote:
I just figured out that
is required for gnuplot to work under windows/miktex while running the same job under MacOS
Is there a way to accomplish a conditional loading of packages based on the platform?
Or an 'optional option' passed to the package loader somehow?

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