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Ovi Chitayat ovadia at pacbell.net
Thu Feb 27 03:47:22 CET 2020

Hi,I am unable to call gnuplot from my tex documents.I put in the following if statement
Hello world - shell escape enabled


shell escape is NOT enabled


which resulted in 'shell escape NOT enabled' printed on my pdf.I added --shell-escape to the pdflatex.exe from both the MikTex 'IDE', and the windows' cmd window.
I am running TexWorks 0.6.3, MikTex 2.9.7300 under Windows 10 with all packages up to date. gnuplot is installed, its path is in both user and admin $path and when called from the command line 'cmd' it starts up in its command line mode (not wgnuplot.exe).what else can make pdflatex.exe refuse to accept the --shell-escape argument?Any other idea for a solution?regards,Ovi
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