[texworks] "Go to Source" Button Not Working

Akira Kakuto kakuto at w32tex.org
Tue Aug 27 17:50:48 CEST 2019

> I recently installed Texlive and Texworks on my new computer
> and I found that when I click the “go to source” button, nothing
> happened.
> In the past, when using the “go to source” function, I will be
> directed to the related coding paragraphs in the tex document.

Bugs are in TeX engines.
Sorry for the inconvenience. Present feature:
(1) /ascii-name-dirs/ascii-name-file.tex         OK
(2) /ascii-name-dirs/non-ascii-name-file.tex     OK
(3) /non-ascii-name-dirs/non-ascii-name-file.tex NG

(3) is fixed in svn sources, and will be fixed in the next
    year, TL-2020.


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