[texworks] texworks Digest, Vol 125, Issue 3

Stefan Löffler st.loeffler at gmail.com
Thu Mar 7 07:20:52 CET 2019

Dear Moti.

On 06.03.19 08:18, Moti Ben-Ari wrote:
> This is off-topic, but while I'm writing, could you please explain why
> issue 846 on setting the default font style is still open? There is a
> workaround by hacking the windows registry, but I find the
> inconsistency between Format/Font and Edit/Preferences/Editor strange.
> I would appreciate it if it could be addressed in this release.

I agree that quite a few bits regarding the preferences are strange (and
have been for a while). A lot of it has to do with problems how to
handle defaults (set in the preferences) and per-window settings well
and consistently. These were not addressed until now because no one got
around to implementing a really good and solid alternative solution so
far (TeXworks is entirely a volunteer project).
Unfortunately, this won't be resolved in this release, either. In part
this is due to the fact that an above-mentioned good and solid solution
is rather complex and would likely require quite a few changes all over
TeXworks (something that you don't want to do close to release); in part
it's also due to the fact that the translation process for the user
interface has already started. Changing stuff now that needs
re-translation would bring a lot of chaos into the release process. I'm
very sorry that I don't have better news on this.

That being said, there is a relatively simple workaround for this issue
that I posted at https://github.com/TeXworks/texworks/issues/846 - maybe
that will help you.

All the best,

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