[texworks] Call for help: Testing

Taylor, P P.Taylor at rhul.ac.uk
Tue Mar 5 19:28:12 CET 2019

Stefan Löffler wrote:
> Dear TeXworks users,
> a new minor release (0.6.3) is around the corner, which will hopefully
> make it into TeXLive 2019. To get ready for that, I ask you to test the
> latest version of TeXworks.

Delighted to confirm that I will commence testing as soon as the present 
compilation of a 550+ page book is complete.  Is there, to the best of 
your knowledge, any improvement in stability when (for example) pasting 
a long log file into a new blank window ?  At the moment such actions 
cause a crash far more often than they succeed,

Philip Taylor

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