[texworks] writing sanskrit text in latex

Philip Taylor P.Taylor at Rhul.Ac.Uk
Thu Jan 10 22:26:09 CET 2019

Namaste, Narayan Krishna.  The list to which you wrote [the TeXworks 
list] is really only intended to address queries regarding TeXworks, 
which is just a GUI ("graphical user interface") to [La]TeX and 
friends.  For advice on using [La]TeX to typeset in Sanskrit (and 
probably involving setting in not only Sanskrit but also in English and 
perhaps in one or more modern Indic languages), you would do better to 
see advice on the TeXhax list, to which I am cc'ing your message and my 
reply.  One question you will almost certainly be asked is "are your 
text data in Unicode, or in some legacy encoding ?".

Philip Taylor
Krishna wrote:
> hello to all, I am narayan from Karnataka India. I want to prepare a 
> Sanskrit thesis by using latex. almost all text data are completed. 
> but I don't know how to set these text with latex command to prepare 
> final output. therefore, will you instruct me providing manual 
> regarding work? any suggestion would be highly appreciated.

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