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Charles Nix cnix at bargerandnixorgans.com
Wed Nov 14 15:43:31 CET 2018

If you mean the text  in the TeXworks _editor_ window, the default font 
size is  under Edit >  Preferences > Editor tab.   Or it can be changed  
only in the current document at Format > Font

If you mean the font size on the _output_ pdf, it would  be the same in 
_any_ version of LaTeX, whether pdf output  or dvi, and whether TeXworks 
or any other text editor.

The basic place is the fontsize option in your \documentclass command.  
The original classes (letter, article,  report,  and book)  allow 10pt, 
11pt, and 12pt.   Originally, other sizes were available through the use 
of \large or \Large or \small, and so on. There are newer document 
classes (like memoir) that allow more sizes directly specified.  There 
is also  the newer fontspec package.  You should have documentation for  
all of this in your TeX installation.  Or search for "introduction  to 
LaTeX" and you willl find many resources.

Charles Nix

On 11/13/18 5:41 PM, Jane wrote:
> Please tell me how to change the font size of the main text on a pdf 
> LaTex document. Thank you.
> ----- configuration info -----
> TeXworks version : 0.6.2r.7ecce17 (travis-ci)
> Install location : C:/Program Files (x86)/TeXworks/TeXworks.exe
> Library path     : C:/Users/janes/TeXworks\
> pdfTeX location  : not found
> Operating system : Windows 10, 64-bit
> Qt version       : 5.8.0 (build) / 5.8.0 (runtime)
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