[texworks] Feature request

Philip Taylor P.Taylor at Rhul.Ac.Uk
Wed Jun 29 17:00:51 CEST 2016

Getting involved (as I have recently) with the horribly complex world of colour, I suddenly realised that I had naively assumed that the white page image of the preview window was the background colour of the page.  It was only when I read (in TeXdoc color) that :

> The background colour of the whole page can be set using \pagecolor. This
> takes the same argument forms as \color but sets the background colour for
> the current and all subsequent pages. It is a global declaration, so you need to
> use \nopagecolor to ‘get back to normal’. If that is not supported, you may use
> \pagecolor{white} although that will make a white background rather than
> the default transparent background.

that I realised that the white was a previewer artifact, and that the page itself is transparent.

That being the case, would it be possibly to (optionally) honour this in the previewer so that one can check whether not one's page background (or some part of the page background) is truly transparent ?  If so, then I would suggest that when "honour page transparency" is true, an optional thin discreet border be displayable around the limits of the page.

Philip Taylor
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