[texworks] access to Edit menu - problem with Ctrl-e

dicknickalls at doctors.org.uk dicknickalls at doctors.org.uk
Sun Sep 27 11:54:09 CEST 2015

re: problem with access to Edit menu

I have a recent Texworks (0.4.6)- Apr 2015 - and there seems to be no 
to access the Edit pull-down menu. This is a problem since to get this
currently you have to move your hand from the keyboard to the mouse etc,
- a bit problem for rsi folks I come across.

furthermore, ctrl-e currently often just deletes the line !!!

I know "cut" is associated with Ctrl-X, but it would be nice to
get to the menu itself (andthe other menus). Kile and jedit both use
ctrl-e to access the Edit menue, so it is a sort of standard.

could this be implemented in a forthcoming version of texworks??

Dick Nickalls

RWD Nickalls,
Cheltenham, UK.
TEL: +44(0)1242-231-225
EMAIL: dick at nickalls.org
WEB: www.nickalls.org/dick/

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