[texworks] texworks Digest, Vol 85, Issue 9 - rectangles

David J. Perry hospes.primus at verizon.net
Sat Sep 26 19:14:48 CEST 2015


Here is a minimal example.  The issue is not whether this compiles, but 
the difference between what you see in the editor and what is in the PDF 
output.  See the screen shot attached.  Of course you have to use a font 
in TeXworks that contains Plane 1 characters in order to see them; I use 
Code2001, which is freely available, in both the editing window and output.

% !TEX TS-program = xelatex

% !TEX encoding = UTF-8







This file displays characters from Plane 1 of Unicode, used for historic 
scripts. I am using Code2001 for both the editing screen and the PDF 

\noindent On the line below, we should see some Old Italic characters


\noindent On the next line are some Gothic letters:


\noindent And finally some Cuneiform text:



8:52 AM, Alain Delmotte wrote:
> Could you provide an complete minimal example reproducing the problem? 
> So I could test.
> Thanks,
> Alain
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