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first of all: this is not really a question about TeXworks (which is
just the graphical user interface), but rather about LaTeX itself (or,
more precisely, the movie15 package) which actually produces the PDF. So
you may get more/better/quicker answers at a dedicated TeX mailing-list
such as texhax.

On 19.02.2015 13:17, Jan Metzger wrote:
> i have got some questions about TeXworks…to make 3D-PDF-Dokuments:
> ·         Can I enlarge the 3D-Window in the 3D-PDF (see attached)?

I have never used 3D in a pdf myself, so far, but from the documentation
of the movie15 package (which also says it is outdated and should be
replaced by the movie9 package), I gather that the second and third
options to the \includemovie command give the width and height of the 3D
window, respectively. In your case, both are set to \linewidth, but you
can set them to anything you like (e.g., 10cm).

> ·         Can I make the 3D-PDF in format landscape?

Why not?
To make a landscape PDF, just add the landscape option to \documentclass
(next to a4paper). To change the size of the 3D window, specify an
appropriate width and height (see above).

For future reference: to make working on your problem easier, it would
be best if you could attach (minimal) example files to reproduce your
problem, rather than screenshots which need to be copied by hand.

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