[texworks] TeXworks through TeX Live on Windows with multi-byte username

KUROKI Yusuke kuroky at users.sourceforge.jp
Fri Jan 2 02:51:08 CET 2015

Hello, the TeXworks and TeX Live development teams and users,

We are annoyed by the behavior of TeXworks through
TeX Live on Windows.  When the username has Japanese
character(s), the beginning of the procedure of TeXwork's initial
procedure might use
as the user's configure setting (and create the directory if not existing);
however, the later process might not uses the directory but uses
as its setting.  The latter place is the default setting of the
TeXworks stand alone which means directly executing

We are reading some of the codes of TeXworks rapidly,
and guess this behavior comes from Qt library, but it is not
sure whether it is under control of the developer's thought.
  The source code which I have read is
    /svn/texlive/trunk/Master/source/texworks-0.4.4-r1004.tar.gz .
  You would concentrate Lines 144--149 and 886 in src/TWApp.cpp .

  You could reproduce the problem by override the TW_LIBPATH
  in texmf.cnf (under CP932 encoding) as
  -  TW_LIBPATH = $TEXMFCONFIG/ああああ/texworks
     ... C:\Users\<USERNAME>\texworks would be used for user setting.
     though C:\Users\<USERNAME>\.texlive2014\ああああ\texworks
     would be natural.
  - TW_LIBPATH = $TEXMFCONFIG/だめと噂の名/texworks
    ... C:\Users\<USERNAME>\texworks would be used too.

Is the behavior intended?
Could you fix the difference whether TW_INIPATH has
multi-bytes characters (e.g., ああああ or だめと噂の名)?

-- KUROKI Yusuke

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