[texworks] Tabs as 4 space characters

GM gm at marris.fr
Mon Nov 11 10:05:44 CET 2013

Le 10/11/2013 14:36, Éric DÉTREZ a écrit :
> 2013/11/10 GM <gm at marris.fr>:
>> Hello,
>> Has it been considered to offer the option to control the number of space
>> characters that will be inserted when the tab key is pressed ?
> You can change the width of tabulations (in points).
> In french it's in the menu Edition/Préferences

I know how to do that, and I use it for a few years but personally i 
would prefer that the tabs are converted to spaces, so that i have fewer 
problems with the indentation when I make some "copy/paste" between some 

I will continue to ask at my javascript script to do the conversion work.


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